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I INTRODUCTION Housing, permanent shelter for human habitation. Because the shelter is necessary to everyone, the problem of providing adequate housing has long been a concern, not only of individuals but of governments as well. Thus, the history of housing is inseparable from the social, economic, and political development of humankind. II HISTORY From the […]

Will (law)

I INTRODUCTION Will (law), in law, disposition by an individual of his or her property, intended to take effect after death. A disposition of real property by will is termed a device; a disposition of personal property by will is termed a bequest. The person making a will, called the testator, must have testamentary capacity, […]


I INTRODUCTION Property, any object or right that can be owned. Ownership involves, first and foremost, possession; in simple societies to possess something is to own it. Beyond possession, ownership in modern societies implies the right to use, prevent others from using, and dispose of property, and it implies the protection of such rights by […]

Real Estate

I INTRODUCTION Real Estate, in broad definition, land, and everything built on it, and the nature and extent of one’s interest therein. Though chiefly an American usage, the term has the advantage of distinguishing between such landed property and the broader classes of property in general, unlike the common British usage. The word “real”, as […]

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